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EndoShield ST

For Use as a Direct Seed Treatment in Commercial Seed Treaters

Better Plants, Better Soil

EndoShield ST is a new seed treatment technology that utilizes the premier symbiotic endophyte, Beauveria bassiana. JABB’s Beauveria bassiana strains are isolated from plants, for plants. Once seeds are inoculated with EndoShield ST, a symbiotic relationship begins immediately as the plant grows, extending colonies throughout the plant, where they remain throughout the season until harvest, benefiting its host.

EndoShield ST (Liquid Seed Treatment)

When applied as a seed treatment, EndoShield ST competitive preference to plant roots where Beauveria bassiana becomes a premier symbiotic endophyte within the plant.

EndoShield ST Application Benefits

Offers Competitive Exclusion from Soil-Borne Pathogens

Resistance to Pests and Pathogens

Improves Germination and Root Development

Improves Plant Defenses

Improves Photosynthesis Effeciency

Resists Mycotoxin Production for Cleaner and Safer Grains

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