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SBb 2.5 Seed Inoculant

Conventional & Non-GMO Markets

Better Plants, Better Soil

This biological seed inoculant utilizes a natural, symbiotic fungus, Beauveria bassiana, that forms an endophytic relationship with the plant, living in the roots, stems and leaves. JABB strains are isolated from plants, for plants. Once plants are inoculated with SBb 2.5, a symbiotic relationship begins immediately as the plant grows, extending colonies throughout the plant.

SBb 2.5 Seed Inoculant (Liquid)

This conventional liquid formulation can be used in-furrow, drip irrigation, or foliar applications. Direct contact with seed is preferred to assure inoculation at germination.

SBb 2.5 Inoculant with Seed Lubricant (Powdered Seed Lubricant)

This talc/graphite formulation with a Beauveria bassiana is for use in the planter seed box and replaces the need for a separate seed lubricant.

SBb 2.5 Application Benefits

Offers Competitive Exclusion from Soil-Borne Pathogens

Resists Mycotoxin Production for Cleaner and Safter Grains

Improves Germination and Root Development

Improves Plant Defenses

Improves Photosynthesis Efficiency

Resistance to Pests and Pathogens

Observed Results

  • Trials from 2016-2021 indicate treated crops have sub-threshold levels of aflatoxin, vomitoxin, and fumonisin compared to untreated crops.

  • Average yield increase of 7-10 bushels per acre for Corn, 5-10 bushels per acre for Soybeans and 7-10 bushels per acre for Wheat.

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