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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a fungicide treatment on seed affect the efficacy of the inoculant?

No, JABB’s Beauveria bassiana is applied to the seed as spores. These spores are highly resistant to harsh environmental conditions, and in this biological stage, is unaffected by fungicides. Also, as plants begin the germinate, Beauveria aggressively begins to establish itself in the plant as a symbiotic endophyte, therefore unaffected by the fungicide’s zone of efficacy.

How do I apply SBb 2.5/SPE-120 to my seed?

JABB’s liquid formulations of SBb 2.5 and SPE-120 can be applied in-furrow where contact with the seed is being made. Our products are compatible with most in-furrow starter fertilizers. 

JABB’s talc/graphite formulations are added to the planter box, replacing the need for additional seed lubricant. When adding seed, it is best to layer the seed and SBb2.5/SPE-120 and mix to ensure complete coverage of the seed. 

EndoShield ST is a liquid formulation used with commercial seed treaters.

How does Beauveria work in the plant?

Spores of Beauveria bassiana are applied to the seed coat. When the seed germinates, the spores germinate and grow within the plant. As the plant continues to grow, the Beauveria colonies continue to grow between the cells of plant in the roots, stems, and leaves, making Beauveria a true systemic endophyte. The presence of Beauveria in the plant can elicit a plant response, enhancing the plant’s natural defenses to pests, pathogens, and other stressors in its environment. Because of this relationship, crops yields are increased and inputs are decreased, increasing the grower’s ROI.

How is EndoShield ST different from SBb 2.5?

EndoShield ST is for use through commercial seed treaters. This is a different formulation than SBb 2.5 and is not meant for in-furrow applications. EndoShield ST allows the grower the flexibility to pre-treat seeds and ensures Beauveria bassiana contact with the seed coat to become a symbiotic endophyte.

Is the liquid or talc/graphite formulation better?

No product formulation is better than the other. JABB offers different formulations to best fit the grower’s operation. The most important factor is to ensure good coverage of your seeds with the products.

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